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About Huang Shangyou

HK HuangShangYou Steel Industrial LimitedFounded in 2012.Our goal from the very beginning was to provide reliable and quality service to our customers in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Huangshangyou Iron and Steel specializes in the production and installation of various types of structures in Hong Kong, distribution of steel and stainless steel materials, and processing and distribution services.The production plants are located in Huizhou and Zhuhai and are ISO9001 and EU EN 1090-2 certified.

Company culture

Fairness, honesty, and transparency. Every word and deed must stand up to public scrutiny and tests.

Treat colleagues and customers with care, respect and fraternity, and everything should be in line with the fundamental interests of serving the society.

The quality of daily work, products and services must meet the highest standards.

It is imperative to work together with colleagues, customers and partners to create stronger relationships based on tolerance, understanding and mutual cooperation.

To the country, to the community, and to the environment, we must have a sense of responsibility, and truly fulfill our commitment to “take from the people and use it for the people”.

Through the concerted efforts and forge ahead of the company team, we strive to become the preferred supplier in the field of steel structure product processing and assembly engineering.

1. Provide customers with excellent service and comprehensive steel engineering solutions, including the integration of design, processing, inspection and transportation, to ensure customer satisfaction;
2. Committed to improving the skills training and improvement of workshop personnel, continuously improving the level of product quality testing, in order to continuously improve product quality and efficiency;
3. Committed to maintaining and improving the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the logistics network and direct procurement of steel mills, in order to maintain a competitive advantage in the market.

Main business

Steel material distribution, stainless steel material distribution, permanent steel works, temporary fences, foundation steel works, subterranean iron works, expressway steel structures, steel structures for sound insulation systems, road signs on expressways, gantry, tunnel roofs Supporting structure, structural main body of bridge erection machine, hot-dip lead-water steel material, metal structure engineering, stainless steel flagpole engineering, skylight and covered passage, parking lot cover, road sign gantry, bus stop roof working platform, freight station addition cover engineering, mast Steel works, CLP fire door, stainless steel fire door, stainless steel pump door, manhole cover/canal cover, balustrade and river handrail, waterproof aluminum shutter, aluminum comb, canal cover, in line with BS EN 124-1 2015 316/304 stainless steel cooling, stainless steel engineering and public material supply.

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