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Steel plate cutting

Huangshangyou provides you with: Hong Kong steel processing and supply, site steel processing and distribution, pile head steel plate cutting, piling steel plate, CNC steel plate cutting, S450 steel plate bending, steel plate drilling and welding engineering, steel cutting and blanking, profile cutting, site I-beam welding, channel steel, H-beam, I-beam, square pipe, hardware processing and distribution.

All steel materials can be processed and welded according to the size required by the customer, and delivered to the customer for hot-dip galvanizing treatment, and delivered to the site for service.

燒焊服務Welding service
Enterprise strength
Certificate: ISO9001 ISO14001 OHAS18001
Material: S275J0 S355J0 S355J2 S450J0 S450J2
Delivery time: 7-30 days
Differentiated Services: Small batch orders and processing, the price is fair
角鐵沖孔Angle iron punching
Processing of various types of steel materials
焊接加工welding process
地腳螺絲Anchor screws
鋼板折彎steel plate bending
型材拉彎加工Profile Stretch Bending
鋼材切割steel cutting
樁頭鋼板Pile head steel plate
鋸床切割Saw cutting
鑽探鋼管樁Drilling steel pipe piles
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