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PVC coated net and galvanized Qingling net (multi-purpose fence)

The iron wire is galvanized, and the outer layer is covered with PVC, and the diamond-shaped interwoven fence net is high-strength, weather-resistant, long-lasting, beautiful and durable;

鍍鋅青菱網Galvanized Qingling Mesh
鍍鋅青菱網Galvanized Qingling Mesh
PVC包膠網PVC coated mesh
鍍鋅青菱網Galvanized Qingling Mesh
Use of PVC coated mesh

The PVC surface is waterproof, used by the seaside and sports fields (tennis courts) or heavy industrial areas. It is resistant to corrosion and prolongs the life of the fence. It is used to beautify the fence. The inner layer is galvanized iron wire

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