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Sawing machine cutting

It has multiple large sawing machines, which can cut seamless steel pipes, thick-walled steel pipes, large-diameter steel pipes, round steel pipes, square pipes, I-beams, FPC channel irons, irregular-shaped steel materials, etc.; the finished product has precise dimensions and low tolerances.

鋸床切割Saw cutting
香港鋸床切割Hong Kong Sawing Machine Cutting
Sawing machine cutting features

The cutting quality is excellent, the incision is flat, there are no obvious burrs and burrs, the surface of the workpiece is smooth, and there will be no problems such as cracks and deformation;
Fast cutting speed, can quickly cut a large amount of steel (speed depends on the material, size and hardness of the steel);
The cutting precision is high, and the cutting length and cutting angle can be precisely controlled, which greatly reduces the waste of raw materials.

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