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Round bar

Round bar is a round solid steel section that has a wide range of uses in almost every industry. Some of the most common uses include gratings, bracing, pins, hinges, railings and axles, but can also be used in a variety of construction and manufacturing applications. Round bars are available in a variety of sizes and can be cut, formed, drilled and welded.

Q345B round bar
round steel
Characteristics of round steel

The roundness of cold-formed round steel is consistent with the size, the tolerance is small and precise, the straightness accuracy is higher than that of hot-rolled round steel, and there is no scale and abrasive surface.
Hot-rolled round steel has high strength, good toughness, and strong formability and weldability. Compared with cold-rolled round steel, it has a rough surface and a unique fillet radius, which maintains good mechanical properties and is easy to drill and form.

Cold formed 1018 round steel
Cold-formed 1018 round bars are ideal for most machining techniques and feature a smooth dark grey oiled surface with accurate dimensions. 1018 is a mild steel with good case hardening properties, especially for cold forming and bending. Designed for tight tolerances, typically used on shafts, hinges and pins, mechanical parts, etc.

ASTM A108-07 is a standard specification for cold-worked steel bar, carbon, and alloy steels.

Hot formed A36 round bar
Hot-formed A36 round bars are hot-rolled, have an unpolished (rolled) surface, meet ASTM A36 specifications, and have standard tolerances. A36 hot rolled round bar is ideal for most machining techniques, with a rough blue-grey finish, blunt rounded edges and imprecise length dimensions. The low carbon content makes it easy to weld, drill, punch, tap or machine. Due to its significant cost advantages, A36 is commonly used as a high-volume steel in the industrial and construction industries for the manufacture of buildings, bridges, railways, oil rigs, and more.

cold formed round bar
Hot formed round bar
Steel Specifications
outer diameter(D) unit weight
mm kg/m
6 0.222
8 0.395
9 0.499
10 0.617
12 0.888
16 1.58
19 2.23
20 2.47
22 2.98
25 3.85
outer diameter(D) unit weight
mm kg/m
28 4.83
30 5.55
32 6.31
35 7.55
38 8.90
40 9.86
44 11.9
45 12.5
50 15.4
outer diameter(D) unit weight
mm kg/m
55 18.7
60 22.2
65 26.0
70 30.2
75 34.7
80 39.5
90 49.9
95 55.6
100 61.7
Type:Annealed, Cold Formed, Forged, Hot Rolled, Q&T, Threaded, DGP, TGP
cold formed round bar
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