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square steel

Square steel is a very strong solid steel bar with excellent strength and cold resistance. Due to its high strength and versatility, square steel is widely used in the construction and fencing industry, most often in commercial and residential buildings, light steel structures, steel roof trusses, but also in gratings, hinges, handles, tracks and railways.

cold formed square steel Hot formed square steel
Characteristics of square steel

The hot rolling process of square steel makes the metal easier to form and produces larger dimensions. Hot rolling is usually cheaper than cold rolling because it can become a finished product without time delay. Conversely, the cold rolling process can increase the strength of the finished product by up to 20% while creating a smooth grey finish.

Cold formed 1018 square steel
Cold-formed 1018 square steel is a widely used cold-drawn low-carbon steel with tight dimensional accuracy, smooth surface finish, good surface hardening properties, and improved mechanical properties and machinability, especially for cold forming and bending.

Hot formed A36 square steel
A36 square steel is a hot rolled mild steel solid bar ideal for all structural applications, general fabrication, fabrication and repair. This steel shape is easy to weld, cut, form and machine and is widely used in industrial maintenance, farm implements, transportation equipment, decorative ironwork, fences, artwork and more.

Features of hot formed A36 square steel:
1. Slightly rounded edges and corners (due to shrinkage) 2. Slightly twisted, possibly slightly trapezoidal shape rather than perfectly square corners 3. Rough surface

square steel Square steel customization
Steel Specifications
size(DxB) unit weight
mm kg/m
8 0.502
10 0.785
12 1.13
16 2.01
19 2.83
20 3.14
22 3.80
25 4.91
size(DxB) unit weight
mm kg/m
32 8.04
38 11.3
40 12.6
50 19.6
65 33.16
75 44.17
90 63.59
100 78.5

type:Annealed, Cold Formed, Hot Rolled
Huangshangyou provides you with: hot-rolled square steel, cold-rolled square steel, bright square steel, black steel square steel, rounded square steel, with excellent performance, high tensile strength, high quality and other characteristics, long service life, resistance to Corrosion, chemical resistance, conforms to different commercial grades and international standards.

Supply steel pipe size specifications
1. 406mm~1829mm (wall thickness 16mm-72mm) large straight seam double-sided submerged arc welded pipe (SAWL)
2. 114mm~762mm (wall thickness 4mm-30mm) straight seam high frequency welded pipe (HFW)
3. 219mm~3000mm (wall thickness 8mm-90mm) spiral submerged arc welded pipe (SAWH)
4. 610mm~2500mm (wall thickness 24mm-90mm) three-roll forming welded pipe
5. 406mm~2000mm (wall thickness 16mm-60mm) stainless steel welded pipe

Steel pipe implementation standard:EN10210-2:2006 EN10219:2:2006
Steel pipe material grade:S275JRH S275J0H S355JRH S355J0H S355J2H S450J2H S550J2H S.S304 S.S316L S.S430

Hot formed square steel

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