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Iron/hardware cold goods processing
Iron/hardware cold working is the process of using metal to create individual parts, assemblies or large structures.

We make and install:
1. Temporary iron works, temporary fence works, permanent iron works, decorative iron works, steel structure works
2. Maintenance channel, louver, fire cow door, switch door, warehouse door, channel door, galvanized iron door, stainless steel fire door, thermal insulation glass door
3. Steel platform installation, iron staircase, CLP standard cat ladder and Water Supplies Department standard cat ladder, rotating ladder
4. Hot-dip galvanized brackets, cable brackets, large air-conditioning racks, lifting racks, electric row
5. Road railings, railings, handrails, wind coal cages, canal covers, manhole covers
6. Corridor cover, light canopy canopy, addition and modification of steel floors

The company can also provide various engineering calculations, input and output structural plans and construction building plans,Drawing supply。
CLP standard fire cow doorCLP standard fire cow door
HSY 2U Type 1 Aluminum Louver 3D DrawingHSY 2U Type 1 Aluminum Louver 3D Drawing
Production process/process
For the most part, an ironwork shop is a centralized ironwork operation that brings together many different machining processes in one place to make finished iron/hardware cold goods. The most common metalworking processes include casting, bending, stamping, welding, stamping, CNC machining and forging.
The most common types of iron work fall into the following categories:
Cut:Bring the material to the specified shape by removing excess material using various tools.
Forming:The process of reshaping iron/hardware without adding or removing any metal. This process can be accomplished with a combination of heat and pressure.
Connect:Join several pieces of metal together by welding or soft soldering heat.
Secondary moldingSecondary molding
Iron/hardware cold processing can produce many everyday items such as:
Blinds:By cutting and folding, it takes on the shape of a ventilated shade
Hinge:Cut sheet metal to shape and punch holes for fasteners
Faucet:Faucets and their handles and connectors are usually made by casting
Cable:By cutting and folding, it takes on the shape of a ventilated shade
fastener:Screws, nuts, bolts, rivets are all products of casting and stamping processes.
Various types of miscellaneous iron works and hardware cold goods
Railing railing river handrailRailing railing river handrail
CEDD fence gateCEDD fence gate
Steel Structure StairsSteel Structure Stairs
grid plateGrid plate
Type 2 railingType 2 railing
metal glass tankMetal glass tank
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