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Lathe processing

It can process parts of various shapes, including cylinders, cones, spheres, threads, gears, etc., including rough machining, finishing machining and superfinishing machining. The machining accuracy and surface quality can meet high-precision requirements, so it is widely used in aviation, Aerospace, automobile, machinery and other manufacturing fields.

車床加工lathe processing
香港車床加工lathe processing
Lathe processing characteristics

High machining accuracy, high machining accuracy and repeatability, can achieve micron-level machining accuracy, suitable for parts with high precision requirements;
High efficiency, using computer programming control, can automatically process, high production efficiency, greatly saving manpower and time costs;
High flexibility, can customize and process various complex parts according to customer requirements, and can meet various production needs;
Wide applicability, can process various metal materials and non-metal materials, and can meet the processing needs of different industries, such as aerospace, automobile, electronics, machinery, etc.;
Cost saving, with high material utilization rate and good product rate, can reduce waste and secondary processing costs, thereby reducing production costs.

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